Heidi was raised in Flower Mound, Texas. She met her husband, Jesse James, at her 25th birthday party, where a friend brought him as a gift for Heidi. It was by far the best gift she got that night! They were married five years later. Together they raised her son, Houstin.


In December 2011, Heidi received her bachelor's degree in education. Later that month, the three moved across the country to the beautiful state of Connecticut for Jesse's job. Being raised in the Dallas area, Connecticut was a cultural shock for Heidi, to say the very least. She quickly realized she was going to forfeit the convenience of having everything within a couple of miles of her home, for the stunning miracles of nature. Now surrounded by trees that dance from season to season, and an ocean that calls out every summer day, she has found that giving up convenience for beauty isn't the worst thing in the world.


Heidi put her English degree to use and started teaching in Connecticut. Unfortunately, her dream of teaching quickly faded as Common Core crept into schools. It was no longer fun teaching with a focus of tests versus a focus on student needs. She left teaching and started a franchise of Grand Slam Signs. Knowing nothing about the sign industry, Heidi took her grit and determination and dove in head first. Knocking on business doors for two months was all it took...finally the phone started ringing on its own. Creating close relationships with local manufacturers, helped her gain on competitors. While every business needs signs, they also need attentiveness, someone to have a vested interest, and someone that responds in a timely fashion. Heidi quickly became that person in her area...her presence also became known in her hometown area in Texas, where she also gained business.


Signs quickly developed into the entire marketing area including promotional products and all marketing material a business might need. Along with this came the design work that went along with it. This is where Heidi found her niche. She realized quickly that the design side was what she loves most. While designing signs, she quickly transitioned into designing brochures, logos, business cards...then websites, which opened up the social media aspect. Using her natural-born grit, Heidi took on learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (a must in the design industry). When her training and skill surpassed the designers that she was hiring for projects, she realized that this was where she was meant to be....and she started Buttercup Designs.  


Heidi specializes in website building and social media pages but also does logo work and any design work that a business might need. Heidi also still runs and manages the sign and promotional part of her business under Grand Slam Signs. If you need to market your business, Heidi is your one-stop shop.